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SSPBrno Web project

Website for my high school, my maturita work.

SSPBrno Web
Status Done
Date April 2022
Effort Solo
Incentive Academic
Source code bitbucket /Zhincore/sspbrnoweb
Created January 29, 2022 at 5:24:16 PM
Last update May 24, 2022 at 5:01:06 PM

This was my at least third try to make a SSPBrno website. I always had my friend who was helping me with it, but for this attempt he only made the design.

We were both already very tired of trying, but I wanted to finish it. We were promised financial reward and guaranteed acceptance of our project as maturita work. But half-way through this attempt even I lost my motivation, the project started to feel like torture, the heavy and slow soup of React and Chakra haunted my dreams. School somewhat stopped communicating with us as well. New principal didn't like the idea of having their website made by students. I carried the project at least to the presentable state it is in and presented it as my maturita work. It was a huge relief to finally be over with it. I immediately started learning Svelte and never touched React again.

This project includes

  • Backend application (NestJS)
  • Admin panel (NextJS)
  • Frontend website (NextJS)

Used technologies