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About me

What am I.

Release year 2002
Location Czech Republic
E-mail saltYWRhbUB6aGluY29yZS5ldQ==

My timeline

  • 2018 2022


    High school

  • 2025


    University; Bc.

  • 2024

Hello! Welcome to my website. I've decided that I want to write stuff about myself before I forget it all. I am very flattered that you are reading this, people tend to instantly click away when they see such a wall of text. If you're already exhausted reading this, I understand, feel free to read just the abridged version. But! If you're brave and have longer attention span than me, you can read the long version and get to know things from my life that you don't even need to know about.

TL;DR Abridged

I have been interested in software development since I was 11 years old. I started with bash scripting and continued with Python, JavaScript and Java. Since 2019 my primary hobby is full-stack web development, which I like to spend my free time with.

The long version

Update : I did forget it all... I'll come back when i remember...