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EliminateHQ project

Unofficial/fan-made website for Eliminate.

Status Done
Date August 2023
Effort Solo
Incentive Personal
Source code gitlab /Zhincore/eliminatehq
Created August 29, 2023 at 2:06:49 PM
Last update May 8, 2024 at 8:55:39 PM

A website I made about the music producer Eliminate (EliminateHQ).

Eliminate's CyberTrap sample pack art It is inspired by his CyberTrap sample pack's art. Primarily the "cyber whale" is a dominant part of the website's desktop version.


  • Interactive 3D cyber whale
  • Seamless animated website transitions
  • Landing page animation (as is my tradition)
  • Animations are disabled on reduced-motion devices
  • Should work without JavaScript
  • Embeds external websites (only after user's permission)


Eliminate saw my project on one of his streams and liked it but disclosed that he was not in search of a website at that time.
He kept the website on stream for a while to give me exposure and few people reached out to me thanks to him!
I am still keeping my hopes up that one day he might accept it as his official website 🤗

Used technologies